Friday, February 01, 2008

Tare Zameen Pe (2007 : Hindi)

Another one from the Aamir Khan stable with him in his elements. Amir Khan has been, from the launch of his first movie, a little ahead of contemporary Hindi cinema. He has proved one more time that he is maturing in the art of movie making/acting. Simply said that's his way of sharing his evolving experience. Much in contrast to actors who tend to stagnate.

It's about a special child "Ishaan Awasthi", who seems to see life from a different perspective, not because he wants to, but thats the way God perhaps created him. His ambitious father however sees him, as they say in the movie, as another horse that he needs to breed for the "race called life & career". An illustration of middle-class India in its battle for survival of the fittest. The father overlooks the probability that his 8-year old is perhaps not meant for the regular races, and pushes him further into isolation by packing him off to a boarding school. While the kid battles the indifference and taunts thrown at him, Amir Khan, his art teacher, lets him free his imagination and creativity and bring forth the special quality Ishaan has and not the other so-called regular kids.

Ishaan wins an art competition, gets on the cover of his school's year book and begins to be coveted by all. That's quickly said, but watching the movie is bit of a dramatic experience especially if you are watching with women around. Man!! they cry a lot!! Can't blame them....listen to it will know what I am talking about!!! Sentiment sells the most with Indian audience.


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