Sunday, January 29, 2006

Must love dogs

Punch line : "I hear that the universe lets your heart expand and grow back even bigger after you go through a lot pain"

A pathetically slow movie. Period.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A good dialogue from Goodwill Hunting

Robbin Williams (to Matt Damon):: "There's nothing you can tell me that I can't read somewhere else. Unless we talk about your life. But you won't do that. Maybe you're afraid of what you might say."

Saravana (2006: Tamil)

I managed to sit through this Pongal release starring Simbhu and Jyothika. I had never seen any movie of "the little super star" before, except when he used to jump around and over-act with his dad. Can't even think of him, when there's Jyothika to write about. She has in addition to putting on weight, been on the path of maturing as an actress.

My rating: Tests your patience.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pretty Persuation ( 2005: Hollywood )

Starring Evan Rachel Woods (as Kimberly), James Wood, Selma Blair etc, the movie is profuse in its graphic adult visual and language content. At times even reaching shockingly vulgar levels.

I Started out thinking it must be just another story towing the line of sexual harassment and stuff. I was wrong on that. The plot turned out to be a case of Kimberly leaving no stone unturned to exact revenge against a friend who steals her boyfriend, and also achieve fame (errr..notoreity) to fulfill her aspiration of becoming an actress.

I would rate it as an above average movie.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Paramasivan ( 2006: Kollywood )

Starring the recently-slimmed-down Ajit and the eye-lid batting Laila, the movie revolves around another oft-repeated theme of getting a prisoner, waiting to walk up the gallows, to fight some evil forces. Kashmir Terrorism, in this case. Ajit, as an actor still seems to be struggling with his acting. Wonder, how he still manages to get roles. Prakash Raj was, as always, good and thankfully took charge of the movie for most part of the time. Atleast, the movie is quite fast paced. Can watch once, if you have nothing else to do.... like me.

The graphics in the fights and stunt scene could have been rendered better. Indian cinema still has a long journey to make before it can catch up with Hollywood, when it comes to generating good on-screen graphical effects.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All the real girls (Hollywood)

God knows why I ever ordered it on Netflix. An extremely slow and pathetic movie. But for photography, nothing more to write home about.

Prelude to my ramble

I founded this place, so I can scribble about the innumerable English, and a little less number of Hindi and Tamil movies, I keep watching. If you are looking for some serious reviews, keep away!
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